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“But Jesus turned around, and when He saw her He said, Be of good cheer, daughter; your faith has made you well. And the woman was made well from that hour.”


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Deep Sea Diving

You are created to be UNSHAKABLE! At the lowest moment in my life, I was reminded about the powerful stories of amplified faith. Daniel! Job! David! Samuel! HANNAH! MOSES! Their stories have the principles needed to build our armor. 

And I am here to be your reminder!

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You're doing great but your destiny is causing you to move in a different direction. It's time to shift! 

When you are called to be more than average: you have to raise the bar. You can't do what everyone else is doing and I'm here to show you why. 

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Single Mom of

There is purpose in being a Mom. However, there is a singular purpose that God created YOU for. Life as a Single Mom can throw many tasks, events, issues, and circumstances your way. Through working together, I won't let you or your purpose get buried underneath it all. I've made time just for you!

Dr. Tamara's Podcast

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Books by
Dr. Tamara

I hope and pray that writing about my journey, my trials, tribulations as well as my joy to finally living life to the best of my ability; will help, encourage, motivate and inspire other women and single moms to do the same.

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