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Are You A Truth Seeker? #SpiritualSundays


"Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (NKJV)

John 8: 31-32

Are You A Truth Seeker? This question would go over some folks head; they would look at the surface and not really dive deeper. You can really tell by the lives of people and see if they really live and seek out the truth.

Many people are okay with being on the outside looking in and think that everything is just peachy! But let me say this: everything and everyone isn't always what they appear to be.

Many believe that a person; male or female, that steps foot in the pulpit on Sunday mornings and during the week for Bible Sunday all serve God.

They believe that they live by the very words that they preach and shout at you. Many of what they preach and shout at you aren't even words they come up with on their own; many are stolen from others or written for them.

The Bible says that we are "to study to show ourselves approved".

2 Timothy 2:15

Many preach for show and aren't really trying to convert others over to God but to themselves!

They preach for accolades; for the shouts and Amens from the crowds; their cheering squads!

What is the role of a servant leader? Is it to sooth those with itching ears? Is it to preach the Word of God? Is it to lead people astray? Is it to get those that choose God to be healed, delivered and set free? Is it to help Kingdom people live the right way for God? Is it to hold people accountable for their actions? Are they supposed to live like the world and incorporate worldly standards in the house of God?

What should Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, Teachers and Evangelists be doing for the Kingdom of God?

There is so much that is wrong in this world. For the ones that speak up and point it out; we get ostracized! People get offended and in their feelings and then we become the bad guy.

You know there is a scripture that says that we ought to obey God and not man? Acts 5:29

I really don't believe that the ones who always want to debate actually read their Bibles or better yet; I don't think they actually believe the word of God.

Many people "put on" Christianity and "take it off" like it's some old worn out jacket. They like to wear it when it suits them but when it doesn't; they take it off and throw it in the corner!

So many people have built their foundation on a lie and continue to do so! I have always strived for the truth and will continue to do so!

God has and will continue to send those out that walk, speak and seek His truth into those dark places, into those congregations that have been comprised and have come into agreement with the ways of the world and the Kingdom of Darkness.

God sends who He knows that He can trust to speak life to a dying world, help those that really want Him shift back to Him, give warnings to get it right or else, everything isn't going to be a praise break!

There are people's lives on the line and many in the church just want to dance and run around the church! What happened to repentance and seeking out forgiveness? What happened to becoming a new creation? What happened to changing from our wicked ways? Has that become obsolete? Has the word of God changed?

The word abide means this: "accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation)" Oxford Language Dictionary

The scripture John 8:31-32 states we are to abide in His word and then we are His disciples. Are you a disciple of Christ? Do you abide in His word? We have to abide in His word to be His disciple. We can't be a disciple of Christ if, we haven't come into agreement with His word and not just part; but all of His word!!

Are You A Truth Seeker? I really believe we are born this way. I don't believe this can be taught; it is something that is part of who you are.

Can I tell you a story?

I was in the 2nd grade, when I was told something; that I really couldn't wrap my head around. At that age, we really don't know everything, we are still in the learning and understanding stages. So I went home and talked to my mom and she in turn talked to my dad when he got home and the end result was that I was punished by my dad for seeking out the truth. I could've easily kept what I was told to myself but I wasn't built that way. The truth will always come out; despite if we want it to or not. We can try to sweep it under the rug; but the truth always has a way of being uncovered…

God created and designed me to carry His truth! That day scarred me for many years. I took on the life of an introvert and was silent for many years; until God whispered in my ear one day and told me that it was time for me to find my voice.

What has God created and designed you to do? Do you believe in His word? Do you abide by His word? Does your life and your walk reflect it?

The enemy will try any and everything to get us off track! Revoke his access and fully walk in who God says you are....

Until Next Time...

Written and Published by Dr Tamara

© 2023 Copyrighted Kingdom Gals Ministries

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