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Heal & Renounce - 1st Steps

When we think of healing, we sometimes leave out some steps in the process; because we tend to think it only applies to friends and family!

Many of us need to heal from work relationships! The things you have to endure and suffer through on the job!

The people you had to deal with while on the job and the things that they said or the things that they tried to impose on you!

Many of us have horror stories from the workplace! People don’t change when they walk into a place of employment. They don’t instantly become a better person! We have all had some mangers from hell and have worked for some corrupt corporations!

We need to renounce and come out agreement; with their harsh words and harsh practices; right now!!

I renounce and come out of agreement with anything my past/present employers spoke to or over me that didn’t line up with the word of God over my life, my assignments, my career, my ministry, my business and my relationships.

Words can cause great harm; especially when they are negative and hurtful.

Healing is a choice that many don’t know they have the option to experience.

This is just the beginning.

Healing starts with you.

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