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Healing…1st Steps

“I renounce and come out of agreement with anything my grandparents spoke to or over me that didn’t line up with the word of God over my life, my assignments, my career, my ministry, my business and my relationships.”

What have you come into agreement with over the years?

Many of us have to realize that our words have power; they can bring about negative or positive results in our life.

Anything that you don’t come out of agreement with; will have the opportunity to continue to grow in and through your life.

One thing that we have to realize is that; not everyone has had the best family life experience. Everyone hasn’t had the best grandparents that will go above and beyond for them. We often fail to realize that we will deal with individuals that refused to heal themselves. Have you heard the expression: Hurt People, Hurt People..Do they mean to do it; not in all cases but we all have the responsibility to do and be better!

Healing is a choice that many don’t know they have the option to experience and or won’t grab ahold of; when it is presented to them!!

This is just the beginning.

Healing starts with you.

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