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It’s Time For Action

It has definitely been awhile since I last wrote anything. Life has been happening but I have missed writing which has always been my first love. I have been wrestling with should I share this or not but I know I need to be obedient. We are living in a time, season, world where pretty much anything goes and if anyone speaks up; it’s a problem. 

You get labeled as a trouble maker, hater etc which I care nothing about but, it really sucks that even when you are instructed to speak up or speak out about things that need to change; folks will always find fault with it. I’ve never quite figured out why folks don’t like to change and get or make things better; especially in the “church”. Like we all can be living better lives and experience all the greatest that God has in store for us; like isn’t that a good thing? 

Being part of clergy and the Kingdom of God, I want all those that “claim to be a son or daughter” those that truly represent the Kingdom of God to have the life of abundance that the Bible speaks of. I want us all to fully represent the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! It’s not play play for me! It’s not just something to do! For many of us this is a true representation of who we are! When you really serve and are called to this; you want to be part of making changes and being on one accord; not with just people; but with how we represent ourselves and God’s Kingdom. We need to set the proper order. When you read your Bible and don’t see things lining up; it becomes to be a problem. But everyone doesn’t roll like this and that’s a problem all in itself. But let me go ahead and share what was giving to me one early morning this week. 

Just a little back story I took a road trip recently but before that I had been having conversations (called Let’s Talk) on various subject matters on FB Live with special guests etc. I had to say this so the next part will make some sense. 

During my trip a couple weeks ago God gave me a word that I’m going to share now. The first part was for me but the latter part was to be shared. At 1st I wasn’t sure what it meant and I had to pray for clarity before I spoke it. The 1st part was that my series Let’s Talk was over. The 2nd part was that “we’ve done enough talking and now it’s time to take action”…

The reasons why the church is failing; (note: this isn’t all churches)

1. Many aren’t getting healed, delivered and set free.

2. Nothing is in place beyond Sunday morning or mid week Bible study- you got folks fighting over who will deliver the message / did Jesus only speak to the people? did Jesus only heal the sick? Or did He train His disciples/Apostles to do everything that He was doing? And did they not do the same thing with the ones under their leadership? 

You have senior leadership thinking they are the only ones that God has called or put in place to preach, teach, heal, deliver, set free, prophesy, the only thing they will really only allow other folks to do is evangelize! They want you to bring the people in so they can perform some more in front of new faces: you hear them every Sunday “bring someone to church with you next Sunday or on Bible Study”; my question would be why? 

You don’t have nothing in place when they get here! Everyone doesn’t come to see a show they need something more than that; people are hurting, their families are hurting, they are barely making ends meet and you want them to waste their gas coming to your church to do what; see you whoop and holler and jump across the pews? 

Somebody may be thinking: they can come in for prayer; my answer is this: many in these churches can’t pray a roach to leave out of your house; let alone a blessing to hit your household! There are some powerful intercessors and prayer warriors but they aren’t in every church! 

You would rather dim the light cause it’s not you! This isn’t a popularity contest!!! All Glory should be given to God! All Praise should be for Him and Him alone!! Who did Jesus always point to? Who did Jesus always Honor? Who did He always credit for why He was and what He was allowed to do? Some of your “churches” your ministries will never be able to do what they were originally designed or created to do because you refuse to allow God in and who He has sent to help!!  If church was only built to be on the backs of senior leadership; why did Jesus raise up disciples? Why did God have Jesus train them and install them? Why didn’t God just do it himself? Why were they sent out into the world? Why did they travel to other churches? 

God has sent many out to help some of you! But you’ve turned them away, you’ve rejected them; you’ve rebuked them because you thought or you felt they were coming to steal your shine. No they were on assignment to bring the light to many dark places: these dark places are what many of you call “church”. God will always send His prophets!!! We see and have read of all the instances in the Bible. Y’all Bible scholars and theologians have read and studied all of this so why do you shake your heads or turn the other cheek when it happens? Senior leaders get in their feelings and say things like this is “my church” I’m the “senior leader” I am the Bishop, I am this or I am that; well act like it then!!! Allow God to Have His Way!! 

Some of these folks y’all are putting in these positions are raggedy and tore up from the floor up!!! Many are some of the ones that will hear “depart from me, I never knew you”. Y’all will put someone in position because of their outer appearance; they clean up nice, they look good in a suit, a dress, they got a beard and bald head and all the women flock to them; they wear them tight little dresses and their hair be laid with the fake baby hairs and they know how to gather a crowd with deep pockets but their hearts are tainted!! You remember that scripture that says:

1 Samuel 16:7 

Stop making everyone an Apostle, Pastor, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, the Bible says “some” were called and chosen for these and y’all out here making everybody that isn’t even equipped to live a Holy- Holy is spelled H O L Y lifestyle in these sacred offices- the definition for sacred is this: 

Some of y’all that’s all you do is talk! You talk on Sundays you talk during mid week Bible study but when it’s time for the real work to be done; you’re nowhere to be found!!What is the real work?Healing the sick, going to check on the sick and shut in-the ones in the hospital, nursing homes-mental institutions, group homes the prisons!!You don’t know how to lay hands and or cast out demons and instruct how to keep God’s temple clean!!You won’t and or can’t teach others how to pray; let alone show them cause all you know is what sounds good but can’t move not one mountain!!

That is all of what I was given to share. My question is what “Action” do You need to Take? It all starts with us as individuals and then collectively as the “Body of Christ”, the “Church” but especially as “Leaders”…..

Written and published by Dr Tamara

©2022 Copyrighted Kingdom Gals Ministries

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