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Kingdom Gals: Are You Your Sister’s Keeper?

I was scheduled to write on a different subject today but; this subject was heavy on my heart. I am just a push over for women no matter the race or background; to be on one accord!

And when it appears that we’re starting to slip back into old territoryI can’t be one of those that just sit on the sidelines and let it go down!

Does anyone really know what the meaning of sisterhood is? Does anyone really care?

Some of us use it to our advantage when we have events or something going on in our lives; which isn’t right!

Some of us use it to our advantage when it aids us no matter the situation! But some of us look forward to it all year round; no matter what and are genuine about it!

Sisterhood defined from the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

1a : “the state of being a sistersisterly relationship2a community or society of sisters; especially a society of women in a religious order3the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns”

What does sisterhood mean to you?

Are you one that uses it to your advantage?

Are you one that looks forward to connecting with other women and creating a bond, relationship, or friendship?

Do you love yourself? Why do I ask? In order to love others; you have to first love yourself?

Do we all know that our #1 enemy; comes to steal, kill and destroy? Do we all know that he is the author of confusion? Do we all know that he thrives when we are at odds?

He doesn’t want us on one accord! He laughs at us every time we get at odds over the stupidest stuff!

1. She looked at me wrong.

2. She told someone this about me.

3. She looked at my boyfriend/husband.

4. She rolled her eyes at me.

5. She didn’t come to my event.

6. She didn’t loan me the money.

7. She borrowed something and never gave it back.

8. She misunderstood what I said.

9. She stole my idea.

10. She is friends with people I don’t like.

The list can go on; but are these valid reasons to be at odds with another woman, sister, friend, or daughter?

Do you remember when Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples? (Read Luke 22 and Mark 16:7) The very person who was a friend? Sold him out for a few gold coins? When Jesus was resurrected from the dead; who did He ask for?

Did Jesus hold a grudge? Why should you hold a grudge or have a problem with the next woman? You don’t have to be bosom buddies if there is clearly a problem; but at least be able to talk it out and come to an understanding. We all have different personalities and none of us are perfect! And some of our mindsets are a little off but; we have to at least make the effort!

As Christian Women we have to set the standard; we have to set the stage. We have to represent Our Heavenly Father to the fullest! We have to look like we are His children and act like we belong to Him.

Check out this article from Huffington Post:


Written and published by Tamara McCarthy

©2018 Copyrighted Tamara McCarthy Enterprises

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And, if this is your first time on my blog let me introduce myself.

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Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this post; it is greatly appreciated!

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