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Kingdom Gals: Do you Love Yourself?

On the surface; this seems like an easy question! But if you allow yourself to go beneath the surface; you’ll really gain more insight into finding your answer.

Just recently I was having a conversation with a co/worker and she made a statement that made me think; “we are our own worst critics” she went on to say this “we judge ourselves sometimes more than others judge us; we tend to use more negative self talk than positive”!

While this may be true for some; is it true for all? If we are going through a good season in our lives we tend to be more positive. We have joy and happiness just busting from the seams; why would anything negative have room to pour out of us.

Now when we are going through some trying times we just may have some negativity laying around to pick up and add it to our already overwhelming situation but depending on our spiritual journey; we can bounce back rather quickly; but it’s an individual choice.

When we know who we are; we are fully able to accurately answer this question. Remove the lies and hold on to your truths! You are loved; even when you don’t feel like you are. So again I ask you; do you love yourself?

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