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Sisterhood & Empowerment: #MySister’sKeeper

I attended an event this weekend that was all about sisterhood and empowerment! While I am quiet and tend to stick to myself I had an amazing time! Many of the events I tend to frequent are with people I already know and for the most part I am comfortable around!

This wasn’t that kind of event! I knew not one person in the room personally but as the time past I realized that I knew some from social media.

As an introvert I find it hard to just get out there and network/mingle; but I realized it was time to begin to break that habit! I can’t stay within my comfort zone the rest of my life because I will never obtain and pursue all of the awesomeness God has placed within me and around me.

Now that we got that out the way; let me say this: Sisterhood can be powerful and empowering! If we only grab hold of it! So many friendships and sisterhoods have been demolished and dismantled for the most foolish reasons! I have had 2-10 year friendships end over crazy stuff that just baffled me and had me scratching my head like; what happened? 

When I took the time to look back and replay certain conversations and interactions I realized that neither one of those former friends believed in me! Can you imagine if I kept them in my life if we had never parted ways? They would have deterred and detoured me! I wouldn’t have written any of my books and finally found my voice!

You see one of the things we discussed at the event was strengths and weaknesses and one of my strengths is that I’m a caring person and one of my weaknesses is that I can be naive. Just imagine me telling either one of those ladies that I felt I had to get my story out to help other women; they would’ve shot it down; why? Because they shot down less! 

Ladies, we have to do better! We can’t allow ourselves to become afraid of someone else getting blessed! God will continue to bless and favor those that HE sees fit! Will you be the one to encourage, empower and motivate? Or will you be the one that will distract, beat-down and detour?

We all have a choice; what do you choose?

I choose #SisterHood….check out my book

The Single Woman Chronicles: My Sister’s Keeper. Available at or for autographed copy contact me.

© 2017 Tamara McCarthy Enterprises

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