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Spiritual Sunday’s

Cast Your Nets-

Scripture: Luke 5:4

How are you at following directions? Are you the type to argue or have to get the last word in? The disciplines walked along side Jesus and had seen many miracles and still had disbelief!

If Jesus says to do something why is there even a question or hesitation? How many of us have questioned the very instructions? Don’t do this and don’t do that! Why Lord? Don’t go over here and say away from this person! Why Lord?

Jesus told Simon to launch into the deep! Did he do it immediately? Or did he have to get his say in? Oh but Jesus we been here all night and you can see the net is still empty; but if you want me to I will. (Paraphrased)

What happen once Simon put the net into the water? They got more than they had bargained for! You see if Simon didn’t listen he would’ve missed out on his blessing! Not only him but for those around him as well!

How many times have we missed out on a promise? A blessing that was raining down from heaven; with our name attached, because we didn’t follow directions?

God is calling you out! Are you ready? #deepseadiving #castoutyournet

Just like the disciples were fisher of men! So many of us are called to do the same; but not only that we have to be willing to tread into those deep waters; because so many are lost and drowning and don’t even realize it!

We aren’t here just for us alone! There are others that need our help! Men, women and children! Those fish that were caught that day not only fed Simon, Jesus and the other disciples but the multitudes of people that came to see and hear Jesus speak and get healing! But not only that; Jesus recruited the men to walk with him so He can show them the ropes; so they can take over when He departed!

What’s inside of you and me is for the ones we are called to help! So it’s time to cast your net! Draw them in! Don’t be discouraged if you have to get waist deep and pull them out!

©2017 Copyrighted Material Tamara McCarthy Enterprises (Spiritual Sundays series)

Scripture reference is from NKJV Bible

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