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#SpiritualSundays: How Do You Treat Others?

Are we Christians for real or are we playing a game? Tag your it!!

Are we living for God, reading His word and walking the walk? Or are we still hiding behind a mask? Are we still allowing the enemy to use us? We go to church every Sunday but yet we still living the same way; speaking the same way; doing the same old things.

When you truly come to Christ; your heart must change and your wicked ways should be no more.

Matthew 25:31-46

How Do You Treat Others?

With the current state this world is in; this scripture really speaks to me! How Do You Treat Others? Do you love everyone; or just some? Do you pray for everyone; or just some? Do you care for everyone or just some?

In this passage of scripture; Jesus is speaking and teaching us right from wrong; He gives us vivid examples of how we are to carry ourselves when it comes to interacting with others! Not those that only look like us but those that are hungry! Where is the skin color?

Anybody can be hungry; will you feed them?

Those that are thirsty; can you quench their thirst? Better yet will you? There are so many that are naturally thirsty; will you give them water to replenish their body? There are so many that are spiritually thirsty; crying out for a drink of knowledge; drink of wisdom but can’t afford the cover price; will you provide for them? Will you mentor them? Will you encourage them? Will you motivate them? Will you coach them? Will you teach them? Where is the skin color? Jesus charged no cover charge to His disciples; when did everything become about money?

Those that are naked; will you choose to cloth them or turn away? Does their skin color matter to you? Many government laws don’t get passed because they feel it will only help one race and they choose not to pass the law; because it will help advance blacks, browns, poor, neglected folks, widows, single moms; etc many in these offices of power don’t care about the least of these! They would rather push laws that will continue to make the rich richer instead of helping the greater good; that’s not God!!

Do you know each and every person you encounter on a daily basis? Many of who you encounter are strangers; if they passed out in front of you and they are gasping for breathe; would you help them? If you encountered a homeless person and they asked for your help; would you provide shelter; or does their skin color matter to you?

How we treat others; matters to God! How we interact with others; matters to God! Why do you think Jesus had to teach this? Many in this world think slavery is okay; why?

I believe because it was about Black people! Do you really believe if other races were slaves they would be okay with trying to take us back to that? What’s even more disgusting is that folks that claim to follow the same Jesus that is speaking in Matthew 25:31-46; think this is okay!

Can you honestly read this scripture and tell me that Jesus is the basis for these folks thinking and reasoning? We all know that God can use anybody; but would you agree the same goes for the enemy? The enemy will use any willing candidate he chooses! Evil doesn’t care who it uses; to do its dirty work!

Racism! Hate! Isn’t of God; so if you support or take part in this; stop lying and claiming to be a Christian! Stop claiming to walk with God! Stop stepping foot in the pulpit lying to folks because you obviously don’t believe in the Bible you’re attempting to teach or preach from! Stop misleading folks! Read Matthew 25:41-46 again and allow it to seep into your spirit and your soul! The Bible does not lie; nor will God’s wrong return to Him void!! He gives us all a chance; an option. To choose Him or the enemy; to choose light or choose darkness!

What will or have you chosen?

If you are truly walking with God; let it show in your everyday life! Live His word! Speak His word! Be His word! Preach His word! Teach His word!

Written and published by Tamara McCarthy

©2020 Copyrighted

Tamara McCarthy Enterprises

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