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The Pastor’s Corner: It’s Time to Heal

Our healing journey is going to be different!

Mine won’t look like yours.

God will take us through how He sees fit! God may take me north! He may take you South! He may take me east! He may take you west!!

Many of us will find ourselves in isolation; in the wilderness! It’s just going to be you and God and that means He needs your undivided attention. No distractions, no temptations! Nobody telling you anything that is contrary to His word, His directions!!

Just like when Jesus fasted and prayed for those 40 days/40 nights; it was just Him & God!! When the enemy came along; how did Jesus handle him? He spoke the Word back to him! Even though He was without natural food, natural water; He was still strong spiritually!!

I’m not called to do what He is calling you to do. And vice versa.

He may show me things that he won’t show you. He may show you things that he won’t show me!!

Part of my healing required me to go back to a previous ministry leader; that hurt me. God told me one day in order for you to do everything I’ve called you to do; I need you to be free from this situation! Free from the hurt!! Free from the lies! Free from the grips of the enemy!!

At first I wasn’t down, I complained, I pouted but then I gave in.   Few months after that I got the green light to reach out to her, set the meeting and to make a long story short; I got the closure I needed and found out why I was having so many problems in ministry; this leader had cursed me with her words, with her actions.

While it hurt to find out that someone that was close to me at one time, that was supposed to teach and train me in ministry; that situation really hurt me; she was like a second mother or big sister to me; it hurt me severely, it shattered other relationships I had with other women because I had this wall up, like nope I’m not going to allow you in because you’re going to hurt me too, you’re going to use me, abuse me and then when I finally realize what’s going on you’re going to turn people against me like I was always the problem and crazy how it sounds that’s exactly what happened with another women leader that was the one to actually ordain me as a Pastor!

One thing that I’m very grateful for is the ability to hear God clearly; he will allow certain situations, relationships to happen; he will use those to get what he needs done in our lives but when people go left; he needs us to depart from among them.

We-you-me-us as humans, as women-as men- as children of God.

We just want God to move. Do this! Do that! And we just here doing nothing and expect results! God says no you need to move; you need to activate the very help you are crying out for! You need to respond; you need to resist the enemy so he will flee! You need to take up for mat and walk!

I want to share 2 times in my life that God move and I had to respond!! There are countless other times but I’m being lead to share these.

The 1st time was when I was in my early 20s when Doctors told me I had stage 4 cancer and I had been in terrible pain. There were times I couldn’t stand up straight , catch my breathe or do simple stuff like work etc.

I was living in NY at the time; my mom came to bring me to Florida to help me with my kids. Fast forward to the day we were leaving my aunt came to the bus station to see us off and prayed over me!

She put her hands on my stomach and began to pray and rebuke what the doctors had spoke! I didn’t know it at the time but I was healed!!

when we got to Florida and I was finally able to see a doctor they got the reports from previous doctors; ran tests and were baffled there was no cancer!! The previous reports were null and void!!

I had to respond! How did I do that? I came into agreement with every word my aunt spoke over me on that day!

The 2nd time I had been in and out the hospital doctors kept telling me I was stressed I just needed to go home and relax. I went to work one day and I was as white as a sheet I felt like all the blood had been drained from my body.

Once again I was rushed to the hospital and sent back home to rest. I was tired of the back and forth! One night after I got my kids to sleep. I went in my room closed the door got my Bible and was lead to get Psalms 35 and to pray!!

During my praying I felt something I had never felt before. I began to receive instructions of what I was to do the next morning. I was told to go to the hospital inform them to run specific tests and not to leave until they did. Got to the hospital the next morning had tests run and again they tried to dismiss me.

I asked them what tests they ran they didn’t run the tests I told them to. I told them they would have to call the police if they wanted me to leave I wasn’t going anywhere. They admitted me, another Doctor was assigned. He ran the right test.

When the doctor came in the run I could tell from the look on his face something was wrong!! He said Ms McCarthy if you would’ve left this hospital today. Tomorrow you would’ve been dead!!

How did I respond to God: I obeyed every last one of His instructions!!

It’s time to HEAL!!! Are you ready?

Dr Tamara

Copyrighted Material

@2023 Kingdom Gals Ministries

Dr Tamara McCarthy is a Pastor, Self Published Author, Writer, Blogger, Podcaster, Certified Christian Life Coach and Single Mom.

She has earned her Doctorate in Philosophy with the concentration in Christian Counseling.

It has always been her passion to uplift, motivate, encourage and inspire young ladies and women to live their best life; while going through the journey of getting more of God and less of them! This journey isn’t easy and we need those that have gone through those murky waters to guide others through!

She is the Founder of Kingdom Gals Ministries & Kingdom Love Coaching.

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