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The Pastor’s Corner: Moving Beyond Church Hurt

I'm going to be completely honest and say that Church Hurt was and is one of the most hardest trials for me to break free from!

People will say that it doesn't exist because they don't want to look in the mirror. So many people experience this and we need to stop allowing folks to push it aside and refuse to deal with it!

God knows we aren't perfect; so how do people not get hurt in the Church? We are dealing with humans with human emotions and human tendencies. You aren't exempt from hurting people! You aren't exempt from thinking you are better than someone else! You aren't exempt from gossiping! You aren't exempt from rejecting what doesn't look like you or act like you! You aren't exempt from jealousy! You aren't exempt from hate! You aren't exempt from allowing the enemy to use you!!!

So tell me how people in the Church aren't getting hurt or dealing with trauma from the very ones they are in fellowship with?

Y'all be putting these "Church Folk" on pedestals they aren't even worthy of stepping on! These people aren't God! They aren't Jesus; and they aren't the Holy Spirit!

They are human and can and will hurt people!! The thing about it is; that this has become too normalized! Folks expect you to allow them to harm you and you just look past it and roll with it; because it's in the Church and everything is done supposedly in love.

Stop this nonsense! Nowhere in the Bible does God give anyone permission to bring harm to "His children"!! A leader is no better than those that are under them and neither those in the pews!

Honor and respect doesn't mean you get to harm those in your care and not does it mean you turn a blind eye to those in your inner circle and allow them to harm and mislead the sheep or lay members!

The "Church" should be helping people not hurting people!! I hate seeing and hearing people being hurt by the ones that claim that God has called them! I hate that I had to experience this myself by people that claimed to love me!

These people don't really know God or else they would fear Him! They would fear what He would do to them for hurting His children!! People don't fear God anymore! They do any and everything in His Church and don't have not one fearful bone in their body! This is a problem!

Church folk believe that since we read about King Saul; we should have to experience him as well.

I wonder if they read the full story because King Saul lost his life and David still became King!!

Written & Published by Dr Tamara

2023 Copyrighted Kingdom Gals Ministries


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