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Why Are You Here?

Matthew 5:1-16

Jesus gave His disciples a PEP TALK….

Jesus never missed out on an opportunity to TEACH His disciples! He knew he wouldn’t physically be with them forever, so He wanted to equip them to be effective when He departed from them!

He never shied away from speaking life into them; encouraging, motivating and empowering them to do the same things that he was able to do. But he also let them know when they were slacking off and not being who he had called them to be!

He wanted to let them know while he was training them to be fishers of men that it wouldn’t be an easy task.

The road wouldn’t be easy; they would encounter many trials and tribulations on their journey; but he wanted to instill in them that they were above all that they would encounter.; and no matter how it looked or how it felt! He would always be with them!

As children of the Most High God this still applies to us this very day! The same words that Jesus spoke to His disciples have the same effect and power today! No matter your situation or circumstance; you’re still BLESSED! No matter what you’re going through when you’re living for more of God and less of you; You’re still Blessed!! But guess what?

As Children of God; we are the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World! We will have to be the light not only for ourselves but for those around us too. We will have to share our trials and tribulations as well as our revelations. How can we be called to be the light and salt of the world; yet won’t help our brother and sister along the way? How are we to go through life and not shine our light throughout? Our testimony can be the very thing that someone else needs to hear to get their breakthrough!

Everyone won’t understand what they are going through especially those that are called “babes in Christ”. I wish I had someone who pulled me aside when I first became saved/a born again Christian-When I got baptized my first and second time and tell me young lady this journey won’t be easy, but you keep pushing. The enemy will be hot on your trail, but you keep pushing. This journey to be a sheep-a servant-a chosen and willing vessel-for the Kingdom of God; won’t always be bright and sunny; But You Keep Pushing!

Salt by itself isn’t that appealing but when it is partnered with the right ingredients-the right words-the right motives-the right intentions-the results are God driven and not Human driven—we have endless examples of Willing Vessels shining their light and sprinkling salt when needed to get Kingdom results-just as they paved the way for us; we have to pave the way for others by shining our light.

We will have to take a stand on practices that aren’t of God—as well as people-places-things that don’t line up with the word of God. Everyone doesn’t represent the Kingdom of God; many are lovers of darkness that have crept into the House of God and they are on assignment to try and get you on their team; get you off track- and out of the will of God; but be on guard and don’t allow them to overtake you.

We all have to learn to shine brighter than our problems; our emotions and especially our haters. This is why it is so vital for us as Children of God to stay in His word; speak His word and live His word!

We are to be the light of the world; we should be front and center shining our light all over the world!

We should be taking others under our wing and showing them the proper way to do things. The proper way of living for God! The proper way to represent God! We can’t assume that they are observing us from afar.

Older women should be mentoring the younger women/girls making sure our walk with God is on point! 

Older men should be mentoring the younger men/boys and making sure their walk with God is on point.

Aren’t we all supposed to be obedient to God? From what I read I don’t see where any of us are exempt. Some think since they have reached a certain age their time is done; they paid their dues; why are you Here? Why are you still coming into God’s house if you don’t want to be used by him? He doesn’t need you to just show up because you got a new dress or a new suit; he is still looking for willing vessels; will you be one? Abraham and Sarah both thought their time was up: but God still used them!

God knows his children! He knows the ones he can give certain tasks and assignments too! God is seeking out those that will be obedient; not only look the part, he has enough of those roaming around; he wants those that will answer the call and take action. He doesn’t need any more bench warmers he wants those that are ready to carry the torch! Be the light in a dark and gloomy world and isn’t afraid of going up against the big bad wolf! 

Some of us lukewarm Christians only want surface Jesus! Just enough of him to get by. But God requires Total Surrender! That requires US giving Him OUR all! 

What are you doing in your life that is a reflection in the God you claim to serve? 

Just you coming to church every Sunday sitting in the pews and giving your Amen here and there; putting your $20 in the collection plate; that doesn’t warrant a life running after Jesus; wanting more of God!

You want God to bless and heal you, but you won’t give Him access to your life. You keep him at bay until an emergency comes up and that’s when you start crying out to Him? That’s when you start asking everyone to pray for you? Why not be proactive and talk and pray to God each and every day? Why not Give Him full access into your life? Isn’t that what Jesus did? Every chance He got He was going away by himself to have quiet time to commune and talk with God! I remember seeing these words that Jesus spoke in Luke 22:42 “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will; but thine, be done” All Jesus wanted to do was the work of His Father; All He wanted was to complete the assignment He was sent here to do! If Jesus did it why can’t you?

Written and published by Tamara McCarthy

©2020 Copyrighted Tamara McCarthy Enterprises

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