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Women-Repair The Breach!!

Because we (women) are a threat to the enemy! He is going to come in unannounced and cause havoc, discord, distrust, envy, strife; etc in our lives and relationships; and it is up to us has individuals and collectively as a group to shut him down!

Have you ever wondered why it is that you have issues, confrontations with other women? Your mother, sister, daughter, aunts, grandmother, co-workers; etc?

The enemy knows what we can do when we are on one accord! He knows the elevation that will take place in our lives; when we are unified and rooting for every single women in our lives!

He knows that Kingdom businesses will prosper! He knows the Kingdom standards that will be showcased! He knows the empowerment to live God centered lives; will pull those out of seclusion and into the goodness of God! He knows more Kingdom marriages will become engrafted into society! When Kingdom women are on one accord, their focus is on God, they are empowering everyone around them, they are motivating everyone around them, they are fostering all of their relationships; they are speaking life and not death; they are pulling others out of bondage and showing them the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! The enemy doesn’t stand a chance and that is why He comes at us so hard because He knows that many of us are all in for God and the Bible tells us that he wants to 1. Steal, 2. Kill, 3. Destroy - and we all should know that he doesn’t play fair. He forfeited his relationship with God! This proves that he doesn’t have any boundaries and any relationship is fair game for him to come in and steal it away; kill any hopes of having any good ones and destroying the bond, covenant that was once formed so it is unrepairable!!!

It’s Time to Repair The Breach!

Shut down the enemy that has been allowed to have access and form stronger sisterhoods, stronger mother/daughter bonds, stronger sister/sister bonds, stronger friendships that include the workplace and business and form stronger bonds with women in ministry so we can build the Kingdom of God without competition at the forefront of our minds! God doesn’t care who is going to preach on Sunday morning, God doesn’t care who is dressed the best on Sundays, God doesn’t care gets the best parking space in the church parking lot, etc. He cares more about our heart posture and how we are treating those around us! It’s time we do better and represent the One, we all claim to serve and Preach about every single Sunday…We outnumber men in the church and we can show them a thing or two; when we repair the breach in our relationships as women, as mothers, as daughters, as sisters, as friends; etc….

Kingdom Gals Ministries - is a ministry started and founded by Dr Tamara McCarthy in 2017. The focus and mission has always been healing for all (but women have been a priority) that desire a better, more personal relationship with God.

It’s one thing to go to church on Sundays, but when your desire is to truly be like Christ; it takes more of a personal commitment and healing is the first step oftentimes in doing so and this has to be continual…

Our sister company - Kingdom Love Coaching focuses on Counseling and Coaching from the inside out!!

Healing isn’t always just laying hands and the person is free from whatever had them bound!!

Coaching/Counseling gets to the root of the matter and pulls all the connected parts up and allows more deeper exploration to how and why they were ever there in the first place.

This helps the individual to know how to move forward healed, delivered and set free; but more importantly aware of what to not come into agreement with going forward!

October 6 & October 7 2023 in Orlando Florida

This will be our 1st in person event!!!

The times are 7pm-9pm 10/6 and 10am-2pm 10/7

Lunch will be served!

Tote bags with some goodies; and keepsake program books will be distributed.

Our speaker line-up includes some powerful Women of God:

Prophetess Regina Gamble Scott will be speaking on 10/6

And the speakers for 10/7 are:

Dr. Cassandra Brown, Dr. Jawanda Dove, Lady Valerie Neal and Founder of Kingdom Gals Ministries and Host Dr. Tamara McCarthy.

We would love for you to join us on these 2 power packed days to begin the process to Repair The Breach!!

Click this link for a discounted price of $25 that will last until 7/1 after that the regular price changes to $50.

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